Someone who is not sure of their opinion of the beverage eggnog. Eggnostics are still awaiting further evidence for the deliciousness of eggnog, or believe that it cannot be known for sure whether eggnog is a good drink.
Daniel was once a pious lover of eggnog, but ever since reading "The Nog Delusion," he considers himself an eggnostic.
by Deltakilo7 November 10, 2010
The religion believing that the egg came before the chicken, to which the chicken promptly arrived and beat the shit out of the egg, becoming the first egg beater.
"Is he eggnostic?"
"Yes i think he is."
"So he believes the chicken beat the egg for it arrived first?"
"I do believe so..."
by bitchmaster mc.mondocock. December 17, 2011
possessing intellectual or esoteric knowledge of eggnog
Are you eggnostic? That is the most delicious eggnog ever!
by elgrottodiablo December 09, 2011

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