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a nickname for one who has an egg shaped head, usually immense in size, other names consist of egg nog, big head, and "wow"
Tripp is known as egg head because of the immense size of his head
by Cracka February 19, 2004
32 43
someone with an extremely long head.
otherwise known as Dabrelle
omg dude; he has such an egghead
oh look; here comes dabrelle
by butterballboy April 25, 2008
16 48
A Person who has a egg shaped head gets called the name "EGGHEAD"
because the shape of there head looks like an egg.
David: Matt you f*cking egghead , whats crackin'

matt: f*ck off

Harry: matt you egghead , you should of gone to spec-savers


Teacher: whats wrong matt you like abit..
scrambled , are they crackin' jokes towards you again.
by Gesswhom January 15, 2009
12 51
To be blessed by god enough to lose all hair gracefully, and become an 'Eggmigo' usually found in suburban areas containing yolk and egg whites inside the brain.
'That lowlife scumbag Phil has an egghead to grace, especially with his gigantic crevits that reflect the sun and contain salty dandruff. Tell him from me i would sincerely wipe a turd on that eggy noggin and slap him with a wet fish.
by Begs_05 July 24, 2006
30 72
A person who spends unlimted amounts of time on the computer or internet.
Eugene is always online, what an egghead!
by KKin LJ October 19, 2004
23 71
A serial rapist/child molester with unruly and disturbing facial hair who lives in his mother's basement.
Dude, check out the dismembered hooker in the back of eggheads truck. Dude, check her for weed.
by cletus&cooter August 01, 2003
20 114