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a sexy beast who loves tacos
can be found lurking the shadows of dark alleys
Wow, Efrain sure does look sexy, dont you think?
by *el paco* July 11, 2008
1. A person with a large dick. 2. A pimp. 3. A person who will become succesful in some way.
He is such a efrain, I wish i was him.
by katie1234567891111112223344556 November 10, 2010
An amazing person usually handsome, one of the nicest persons you will ever meet, you will be really happy by his side he'll do anything to keep you by his side even when he doesn't show it, he will love you more than any other guy ever will, he will be loyal till the end
by Honest truth April 14, 2014
A guy who likes random hats. pizza, shooting games, and has a hertiage disorder of thinking he's cuban due to loudness.
This guy likes tetris so much, he better be a Efrain.
by Evelisse April 27, 2009
A smelly old monkey that doesn't know the difference between a banana and a penis.
"What happened to that poor animal?"

"I don't know, it started obessising over bananas and it just lost control"

"That poor Efrain, he needs medical help"
by Tito Garcia September 08, 2008

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