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1. Describable in words.

2. A deliberate misuse of the standard but unrelated English word "effable" as a benign alternative to "fuckable", by replacing the root "fuck" with the phonetic sound of the letter "F".
person 1: "Becky is ineffable"

person 2: "Wow, you must really like her huh?"

person 1: "No, I meant ineffable as in not fuckable"
by monsieurpooh July 29, 2011
a person that you would consider having sex with.
a)would you get with that girl?
b)yeah why not, shes effable
by mike cohn November 18, 2007
same intent as affable, but with fucking involved
Daniel: I'm going to stop by Don's office to see if his assistant is around.

Steve: Is she effable?

Daniel: I'd eff her in the GA!
by I_like_jack_and_coke August 27, 2008
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