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Originally coined by Clark in the early 21st century, this lovably versatile interjection can encompass any nuance of meaning and/or tone; it's reach and power only limited by the imagination, skill and delivery of the interjector. Although most lack Clark's exquisite timing and adamantly purist usage, casual users can neverthless use this word to convey a staggering depth of meaning, ranging from the rawest primal emotion ("Eaah!") to multilayered subtextual complexity, such as that found in a question delivered by girlfriend to boyfriend while they engage in the viewing of Gossip Girl ("'Eah-eahh?' 'Eahhh.'"). To ask what "Eaah" means is to defy its very purpose.
"We have a wholesale emergency in the catering office and thus I demand that the entire IT infrastructure is rebuilt from the ground up five minutes ago!"
*Mute* The office has awaited this moment for eternity, and an awed hush covers them like a cashmere blanket.

*unmute* High fives of jubilation all round. He's done it again and it was wonderful.
"Yes certainly Kevin. I'll raise the priority on that to a 63 for you. "
by dearnosaurus June 14, 2009

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