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usually a sudden intake of breath followed by moaning and muttering such as , "oh oh edward", "mmmm....Yes!" "Bite me" "I want to have half breed vampire babies with you!".
Basically it's what happens to you when you see a picture of Edward Cullen, or read about him in Twilight, or see him in a movie. It's very common.
*two friends are walking by a movie theater*

friend A: *moans* "ohhhhh ohhh ohh uhhhhoo"

Friend B: (no yet seeing that her friend has spotted a twilight poster). Oh no! whats wrong?!

Friend A: Oh nothing....I just edwardgasamed. It's very common, just like adrenalin boosts, "You can google it."

Friend B: No, it's okay. It happens to me all the time.
by sbluv January 26, 2009
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