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What Bill Oddie says when a normal person would say 'fuck me rigid' or words to that effect.
Kate Humble: I'm going public about our relationship, Bill. By tomorrow morning the world will know about your propensity for freeform nambling and Belgian biscuit, you sick bastard.

Bill Oddie: Oh, ecky thump.
by Lord Grimcock November 15, 2009
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1. An ancient Lancastrian martial art with heavy emphasis on the use of a black pudding as weaponry. Actually created by The Goodies as a spoof of the many forms of martial art that were doing the rounds in the seventies.
Tim (to Bill): "I'm not calling you Ee Bah Goom!"
Bill: "ECKY THUMP!!" (belts Tim with black pudding)
Tim: "Flippin heck!"
Bill: "Oh no no no. (points to flat-capped guard at door) That's
Heck, him over there!"
by Kizbo March 26, 2005

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