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to echo something someone else says. To say someone's line but not as good as they do or as funny.
what a fruitfluffy!" ... "Dude, ur such a echobox. Don't try to copy A-Prod
#echo #mimic #idiot #retarded #copycat
by A-Prod October 03, 2010
When you are playing online games with friends or random people and someone says something on the mic. Then suddenly it is retold by another player and he suddenly is in possession of an echo box. This usually occurs on Call of Duty by losers who have their TV's up to loud or have shitty mics. The common and most easy fix to someone who has an echo box is to mute their annoying ass. The name “Echo Box” is derived from the console name, Xbox 360, in which it was first described.
Player 1: Hey guys!

Player 2: Yo man!

Player 3: (Echo Box) "Yo man!"

Player 2: Damn, this guy has a fucking echo box.

Player 3: (Echo Box) "Damn, this guy has a fucking echo box."

Player 1: Mute time!
#echo #xbox #faggot #annoying #box #xbox 360 #call of duty
by Daniel7400 June 16, 2011
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