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an evil sour faced sprite found near water. will turn syrup to gall given half a chance.
My 99 flake just got echlined! Damnit!
by Pixy September 13, 2004
The coolest family in the world, espicially how the father is a Judge. YES!
Damn, I wish I was an Echlin they are so hip!
by Samuel Goldstein aka Barbra April 12, 2005
As in "The Echlin Family", a family who lives in a small suburban-like neighbourhood named Leaside in Canada. They are a family built of trust, honor, credibility and most of all, a sweet ass Sky-Blue Merc-S500 driven by none-other than the Honorbale Randall.....randy is the best in the west, yea
Check out that playa, he almost Echlin status homie.
by Barbara McBridesonlofski April 24, 2005