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The coolest family in the world, espicially how the father is a Judge. YES!
Damn, I wish I was an Echlin they are so hip!
by Samuel Goldstein aka Barbra April 12, 2005
As in "The Echlin Family", a family who lives in a small suburban-like neighbourhood named Leaside in Canada. They are a family built of trust, honor, credibility and most of all, a sweet ass Sky-Blue Merc-S500 driven by none-other than the Honorbale Randall.....randy is the best in the west, yea
Check out that playa, he almost Echlin status homie.
by Barbara McBridesonlofski April 24, 2005
an evil sour faced sprite found near water. will turn syrup to gall given half a chance.
My 99 flake just got echlined! Damnit!
by Pixy September 13, 2004