Was to be an educational tool to help black and latino school age children to grasp Standard American English (SAE). Once it was picked up by a biased media that made certain to manipulate this into a racial controversy (remember how they manipulated us during the beginning of the Iraqi occupation?) So the whole premise of ebonics was beaten down because we don't want no ghetto kids to start speaking SAE and having more opportunities and gettin' all uppity with the white folks. WORD!
Ebonics: I dont be havin'nothin'

SAE: I don't have opportunities to advance myself
by Marilyn915 December 10, 2006
Wud up doe?!?! Id jus liketa say dat i cin speak bof ebonics an english so damn good. fa reel tho i am like da most bilingual motha in this bitch. So as all yall cin see rite bout now dat i cin speak n unda stand ebonics...I am a white female from Detroit, now dont be afraid, im not dangerous most white peple cant but im def so so special fa reel do. i spell "the" as tha and usuaally replace my ths with a d an all that otha shyt. i be listenin to rap an hip hop all tha time....tho sometihmes my whiteness comes out an i find myself listenin to Hilary Duff...ay dont blame me, im only 16. Dis iz a big acomplishment fa some1 mah age to be able to speak dese 2 languigiz yeeeeaaaa u kno how i do. i be smokin blunts wit mah homegirls an sum fine ass niggaz...ay, dont be hatin...im mo black den mos ov yall....but den on tha oda side, i cin be as white as yew want me ta be... i onli speak ebonics around mah girls and may homis. but around family, i gotsta keep it white and PG 13 ya kno. cuz dey dont kno. Dey jus don kno. but i kno u kno, u kno? haha, naw...but i rite to much. U kno how we do it in tha D u kno fa reel. but im bout ta go make me some Ramen Noodlz and buy me some hot cheetos an go watch BET an den afta dat im prolly bout ta jus go play basketball in da alley on da souf side haha, u kno!!! aiight den, so peace out homez. Adios haha naw, idk
Do yall realli need mo exampuls of ebonics??? fa reel now. i mean come on. all dem ppl do who be sayin ta add izzle and shit like dat..i just wanna say to all u white ppl out derr who cant speak wit da hood, dat we dont say dat...so jus lettin y;all kno, but uh im boutsta be out do....but mah name aint really Shaniqua, im just fronin. haha peace
by Shaniqua haha March 11, 2006
It's a mix between Ebony and Phonics, and though people say its racist, it was truly meant for the African American culture. Ebony is the, I guess, "Proper" way to title Africans.
Fo' shizzle my nizzle.
by Scott Stewart December 30, 2003
ebonics- yo fo shizzle son you betta brace yoself suckka
English-My mother is from pakistan and she lives here in new gunie....reese son
by Nigga Please Reese June 26, 2004
The true definition of ebonics is a made up version of english
so that we can reclaim a new language that was taken away from
us in slavery. Even though blacks have made up ebonics and other cultural things, everyone in america tries to copy it. Thus we can never have anything we say or create truely ours, because everyone wants a peice of the black/african pie.
It's time iz be goin ta da mutha lan (Africa). I ain't been dair in 450 years. Fo'get ebonics let's speak swahili,bantu, or other tribal languages.
by Black Sista September 04, 2006
if you look up this word, you should not be speaking it in the first place.
you do not deserve an example
by dan March 14, 2005
language used by black pplz, dat many whites dont kno jack 'bout. Mainly don by aneone who can actually speak it. don't consist of fo' shizzle my nizzle, or ane words wit an izzle. We is not ignant cuz we do speak prper english, betta den most ppl, get ur facts straight, u dag on wiggas, dammit!! U Jus HATIN on us cuz u wanna be us, but chile, you cant do it, u caint
real ebonics: nigga watchu doin', wat it look lyk nigga im dryin my money ( ATL)

dat mess is narsty
dats mad grimy

not real: Wat Up?
dis is of da hizzle fo shizzle
( dats sum crap)
by cuntryladee123 September 27, 2006
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