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Usually an "emo;" listens to typical "emo" or "myspace scene" music. Tends to fancy little boys called Alex, whom tend to be on the dole
1: "Did you hear about that Eboner?"
2: "Is she the one who likes dole dossers?"
1: "Yes, and emo/myspace cult."
by Gregory cummings January 23, 2007
Also referred to as an Electronic-Boner. This occurs when an individual(s) finds out that a Female is on his team in an online video game. Most common among ages 12-17.
Dude when I found out that xXsweetgirlXx was actually a girl I got an E-Boner, her voice was so hot.
by ThatOneGuy92 November 04, 2010
Having an erection whilst talking to a hot girl on a webcam. This is very common amongst virgins who would first like to explore the sexual side by not getting any infections.
Yo, when I walked in to my room mate's room, he was popping an e-boner with this mighty fine white chick.
by IdiotGuy October 01, 2007
1) The *nerdy* reaction to something internet-related that that person finds amazing.

2) A cheat for something internet- or computer-related, that will cause it to seem better.
Guy 1: Wow, I just did this benchmark on my PC. I got an eBoner!

Guy 2: You cheated, didn't you? GTFO!
by -Fosco December 18, 2011
A word used to describe a Sierra Leonean with an erection. Also used to describe a Liberian, or a Guinean with an erection. Primarily people who have an erect penis with ebola are known as having an "Eboner".
"YINKA! I get a hard oooon."

"Let me feel this Eboner,Jeffery."



*2 days later*

Jeffery is admitted to Freetown hospital with the Ebola virus.
by ado4 February 20, 2015
A girl who plays bball at comunity centers.
"that girl is a total eboner in her bball shorts"
by pop August 14, 2003
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