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While similar to Ubernerd.

An Eber-geek is one who is consumed with their Ethernet connection and the wonderfull world of online gaming. Someone who spends all their time glued to a computer playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Warcraft, etc... These people also have no lives nor do they ever shut down their computers resulting in sucking up all the bandwith the internet has to offer.
(Mother to 30 year old son)

MOTHER: Honey time to eat
EBER-GEEK: MOM! I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons!
MOTHER: But its time to eat it's your favorite
EBER-GEEK: MOM! I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons! LEAVE ME ALONE
MOTHER: *sigh* god my son is such an Eber-geek...
by Kizzam & Mizzike August 08, 2006
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