Abbreviation of "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful."

Used to describe all the Covergirls® of the world who are good at what they do: casually look fine 24/7 and just plain kill it. They might be skanks but they own it, so it's totes fine. It's def not Maybelline, they were just fucking born with it tyvm.
Nicholas: "Dorota from Gossip Girl is totally E.B.B. "
Katherine: "Gtfo."
by Tannicus December 22, 2013
Top Definition
another form of every bad word

Ebb happens.
Shit happens.

You ebb hole!
You ass hole!
by Master Scribble April 28, 2005
One of your ex's that is still a really close friend/bae (and hopefully one day be yours again).
"Imma go hang out with the ebbs."
"You think ebbs might wanna get back together?"
by BigNICK January 15, 2015
Acronym for:

Epic. Beyond. Belief.

When something is unbearably so epic you cant even believe it.

Something to awesome to be true.

Short acronym to express how EPIC something is but are unable to with words.
Dude, this game is so E.B.B.

That restaurant we went to estrday was E.B.B.

Met this guy a week ago, and he was SOO E.B.B
by hihurdler110 July 31, 2011
An EBB is a Electric BB gun.. They are shittest pistols in the whole entire world - my throwing range is better than their shooting range.
EBB's are used in the best sport in the world - Airsoft.

"OMG! i just learnt that my EBB is pitafull!"
by James Bryant December 22, 2004
emergency bathroom break. Used alot in texting,or of you have to use the bathroom but dont have time to say much.
"Hey john where are you going"?"Got to go take an ebb cant talk right now !
by camtheboss1 April 24, 2014
Emotional Benjamin Button Syndrome: People who were once mature and interesting in their younger years who regress into cruddy chuds that enjoy pop music and dressing 10 to 20 years younger than they really should.
Blair is suffering from a severe case of EBBS. I mean, Taylor Swift and Uggs with mini skirts at 37 just isn't cute.
by Jiggyjizzle July 17, 2016
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