1. Using the internet to break up with a significant other.

2. Disconnecting online in an unsuspecting manner.
1. I didn't want to break up with my girlfriend in person, so I e-bailed on her.

2. Hey! a/s/l????? *User has signed off.
by Erik December 16, 2003
Top Definition
breaking up with someone or quitting over the internet
My girlfriend lived in Pittsburgh, and I didn't want to drive 4 hours to dump her, so I ebailed on the bitch.
by Nop and Alex December 23, 2003
Using an email, myspace, facebook, or IM to get out of (bail out on) plans you had previously made with someone.
Chad: Hey bro, wanna hang?
Mike: Yeah, I'll just eBail on Jeff real quick.
by tcady August 12, 2008
Bid to much. then realize you dont want it or dont have enough money for it then you delete your ebay account, grow a mustache and move to mexico, to grow weed and help mexicans cross the border.
Chris "Hey, where is Joe?"
Matt "He Ebailed to mexico after he bought the new Rebecca Black CD."
by DJ Yingvsyangx August 29, 2011
To ditch a person you are talking to from your IM service. Either by:
1. Appearing Offline, blocking them and coming back online.
2. Or the less subtle route: Closing their message window, then blocking them.
This dude must have been a paedo, so I e-bailed straight-out
by Rob Yeo April 07, 2005
(verb)The act of ditching plans or dumping a significant other over the internet.
John-Did she cry when you dumped her?

Matt- I don't know, I e-bailed.
by Sarah and Molly July 11, 2008
An improvement on the previously suggested 'email bail' (which, let's face it, is a mouthful), an e-bail is using an e-mail or other such electronic correspondence to cancel on a planned event.

Oh I can't believe it, she just e-bailed on me
by Mumuproductions July 27, 2008
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