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a complete cock sucking farting kneegrow that humps everything with a pulse. including himself and his pet fish who is less than 3 months old named phatch. but even his elephant jack foster isnt able to escape ebags powerful animal fucking skillss. word..
yo check out that ebag humping your mother
by ebag69cocklicker August 14, 2011
To electronically teabag in a virtual environment featuring humanoid avatars, such as on PlayStation Home.
Dude! While she's sitting on that bench, go dance and thrust your avatar's pelvis in her face! You'll totally E-bag her!
by BigNastyOgre April 11, 2009
In modern context E-bagging is the virtual form of Teabagging. Essentially, the perpetrator must photograph or scan his testicles or Nut Sack and email them, preferably annonymously to the victim.

John was at his computer this morning and got e-bagged by his deranged co-workers.
by The Psycho April 08, 2008
The act of e-Bagging a said individual is defined by electronically sending a picture of said "bag" of testicles to the desired recipient. The term e-Bag derives itself from a hybrid of the ever popular device of "e-Mail"(Electronic Mail) and the art of "T-bagging"(see t bag). There is many vehicles in which to deliver said picture. For instance you can use e-mail, digital cameras, or the ever popular text messaging.
AWWW MAN!! Mark totally e-Bagged Sage!!
by Chambo and the B-Train November 06, 2007
Basicaly a teabag wheras the victim of the teabag is tripping on e and other rave drugs, therefore likely suffering a lack of judgment to having the balls of some wiseguy dipped repeatedly into (the victim's) mouth.
Shirley was so messed up after the rave, asshole Tarqin e-baged her and she didnt restist in the least.
by sparty66 January 26, 2008
when you ejaculate in a bag and throw it at another persons face.
Oh my goodness, Brandon just E-bagged Rob in his face!
by guargum March 01, 2009
A nice way to call a person with the first name that starts with the sound "e" (such as Ian) a d-bag.
yo! e-bag! whats poppin!?
by Lexxxie! May 21, 2008
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