(v.)When someone surreptitiously reads something (usually over your shoulder) without your consent. This can be an email, text message, letter, newspaper etc.
(noun: eavesreader)
I got this funny email from Migs, but I couldn't read it because Julie was eavesreading behind me.
by Migzonian August 20, 2008
when you read whatever someone else is reading without their okay; the act of reading over someone's shoulder
I was in the subway the other day and caught this guy eavesreading my book.
by Lady JaJa September 26, 2008
Reading other people's conversations on their pages on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace
Every time I get on Facebook, I spend too much time eavesreading my friends' pages. I feel like I'm invading their privacy.
by MimiSh February 02, 2009

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