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Submitting to an unpleasant sexual act as punishment for bad behavior. Generally implies anal sex, but may also include cum sucking, fisting, and/or a golden shower. The phrase is derived from the fact that while at the dinner table with your mother, eating one's vegetables (in a literal sense), while unpleasant, is inescapable.
A. After being chastised by her husband for speaking out of turn at the dinner party, Elizabeth blushed, realizing that soon she'd be on all fours on the bedroom floor, eating her vegetables.

B. "Eating one's vegetables," proclaims Mr. Thelsby as he pushes his plump erect pecker into his wife's bunghole, "is certainly the most appropriate penance for failing to properly shine the shoes of one's husband. Don't you agree, dear?" "Mfff," says Mary.
#eating ones vegetables #vegetables #veggies #eat your vegetables #vegtable #vegetable #humiliation #blowjob #anal sex #domination #punishment #apology
by SaveOurSkyline April 03, 2007
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