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When you make a mistake and are forced to acknowledge it humbly.
I say I'm a great cook. Then you eat my food and it is no good. I sit there and eat crow.
by Geoff Cania December 01, 2003
To eat crow implies, at its mildest, an unpleasant action since the flesh of the crow is believed to be unpalatable. As an expression, it denotes the anguish of humiliation at having to admit to wrongdoing or fallability, usually in the wake of hubristic actions or words.
To Eat Crow: What bush ordered for lunch the day after the 2006 mid-term elections
by MacacasayMacacado November 09, 2006
What the Susan G. Komen Foundation ended up having to do after deciding to cut funding to Planned Parenthood.
After a huge public outcry, the Susan G. Komen Foundation was forced to eat crow and reverse their decision.
by largewriter February 03, 2012
What John Kerry did November 3, 2004. Acknowledged that no amount of bashing the opponent, bandwagon hopping, or sucking up to the Hollywood pukes can get you into the White House. You actually need to have a better campaign plan than "I'm not Bush" and "my plan (which I don't have) is better."
Eat crow Johnny boy, and put some fucking Heinz Kerry ketchup on it!
by Michael Hunt February 22, 2005
what bush must do after we pull our troops from the stupid war.
President bush should start to eat crow.
by spooner November 10, 2004
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