to eat your hat means to disgracefully, and shamefully, and embarrassedly, or pissed.offedly REALIZE you are wrong about something, or that somebody else was able to do something
like writing, singing, painting, posing, pimping, etc better than you can. kinda like having to eat your own words, but without you even having to say something first.
punked, topped.
"biggety small sack saw stinky dopey dawg's new vid
and his shorty, latanyaneesha told him "guess you gones to have ta eat your hat now, huh, bitch".
to which small replied "slap!"
by psychbitchhommedon'tplaythat November 24, 2012
Top Definition
lost the bet, the argument, you were wrong
and so now,you have to pay up, according the bet :
"if obama wins, i'll eat my hat"
"the bet was,.if obama wins you will not only eat your hat, u will also kiss my ass on main street at at high noon it's twelve o'clock.i'm droppin' drawers now bitch".
"if the 76'ers make the playoffs you will eat your hat?"
"u said, if romney loses,u will not only eat your hat, but also burn your KKK hat, join the green party and go to San Fran and party with the gays on New Year's Eve Well, Happy New Years Buford , Time ta bend over and take it like a man, you big fat red state bitch yee haww!"
by tiemeupandspankme November 24, 2012
to lose a bet
and have to pay up,
by eating your hat
"ah, bitch, you said if obama wins you would eat your hat.
c'mon now. i give ya some salt and ketchup too. start ta
chompin, Billy Bob"
"if the 76'ers don't make the playoffs, you'll eat your hat and gimme a hundred dollah against a twomp?. I take that bet, nigga."
"U said if Romney loses u would eat your hat, burn the kkk robes, register green party, and party w/the poofters in San Fran on New's Eve. It's midnite, Buford. bend over and take it like the red state bitch that you are. yee haww"
by psychobitchhommedontplaythat November 24, 2012
Something to say when your pissed off very much at someone.
After you tell someone to eat your hat they then proceed to sputter out things like 'Eat your sock'. You can then tell them to get a life.
I told that freak to eat his hat and he was told.
by Sara January 03, 2004
Refering to I hate you and i dont care about your well being.
I am in so much trouble
Eat your hat!
by Sara October 21, 2004
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