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1 definition by psychobitchhommedontplaythat

to lose a bet
and have to pay up,
by eating your hat
"ah, bitch, you said if obama wins you would eat your hat.
c'mon now. i give ya some salt and ketchup too. start ta
chompin, Billy Bob"
"if the 76'ers don't make the playoffs, you'll eat your hat and gimme a hundred dollah against a twomp?. I take that bet, nigga."
"U said if Romney loses u would eat your hat, burn the kkk robes, register green party, and party w/the poofters in San Fran on New's Eve. It's midnite, Buford. bend over and take it like the red state bitch that you are. yee haww"
by psychobitchhommedontplaythat November 24, 2012
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