Usually said when really pissed off.

Say it, then beat the person the fuck up.
"Eat shit and die!" Johnny said as he ran over and beat the shit out of the queer nerd.
by Mike February 08, 2004
Translated from the serbian: jedi govna i umzi.
A common phrase when you want to tell someone not to be an idiot, not to speak crap, that you're annoyed, by them, or don't believe them.
Tim: I bankrolled a cool mil onto my offshore swiss bank account but I lost it all to crash in February.
Me: Eat shit and die!
#not believing #shit talk #crap speak #annoyance #idiot
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 07, 2010
Eat shit and Die.... Usually always said when mad!!! The again, my normal words to close friends are eat shit and die.
I wish I could do this.... 1) Grab a cup.... 2) Squat down and release the dump in the cup... 3) Grab a spoon... 4) Sit down the other person.... 5) Forcefully feed them the cup full of shit... 6) Hope that they die.
by Tasha April 06, 2005
Military: Friendly Fire Fratricide.
"I want to Eat Shit and Die" after I killed my buddy in that fire-fight..." The deepest of all possible depressions. Mandatory suicide watch for 72 Hours. PTSD follow-up triage indicated.
#grief #depression #sorrow #suicide #death
by UrbanEnigma November 29, 2011
This is used by Me to refer to Lyke Banks when he is talking shit
"Eat shit and go die Lyke"
by Steven Eadie January 25, 2005
When your life truly sucks, and you shouldn't be around anymore. When you are a no good asshole and suck a llamas dick, you fucking JERK. When you fail out of school.
Chris: I failed my Music Production course, I'm not gruaduating.

Professor: eat shit and die!
#fail #failure #stupid #retarded #chris #drunk #drugs #weed #acid #i need drugs
by adda jones June 04, 2006
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