a phrase used to literaly mean lick my anus/asshole, usually said during sex to ones sex partner.
come on eat my ass, ya, thats good, eat my asshole!
by khalid June 11, 2004
Top Definition
An insult. Bastardization of 'eat me' and 'kiss my ass'.
I told the fucker to go get a spoon and eat my ass.
by gomer May 06, 2003
The definition is almost like that of owned and/or pwned, but its a little more vulgar and used by those ages 12 or up, normally a Counter Strike: Source term.
Carl: Wow i gotta head shot! Eat My Ass (you can also use E.M.A. here if u don't want to type it out)
James: Wow dude, im gonna really have to eat your ass this time!
#cs:s #owned #raped #destroyed #pwned #death
by steve2193 April 21, 2009
Freudian slip commonly denoting a craving for anus.
You guys can just... Eat My Ass!
by Syntax May 06, 2003
Means anything that you don't really want to do that someone wants you to do.
Hey man, why don't you come to the gym later? And I told him, why don't you eat my ass?
by The real slim shady 907 May 15, 2016
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