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A typical breakfast meal for the extreme body-builder looking for a more satisfying result by the end of the morning. It consists of 1500 grams of protein powder mixed with three small pancakes.

Warning: Only use if you are beast. It is very dangerous if ingested/injected without intense caution. However, Anal insertion is ok. Must be over 18 to purchase. If you are nub at working out, you might explode your testicles from an overdose of protein, resulting in loss of manhood, and possibly your penis.

Only available at Denny's. (order the "puppy sundae")


Involving no difficulty whatsoever; Requiring no effort or thought.

GRAMMAR-NOTE: easycakes is never capitalized. ever.
B: Nah, shit was easycakes.
by Rekeah July 07, 2010
Similar to "cake walk" or "piece of cake"
Dude, this game is gonna be easy cakes.
by Tizz Mizzle January 09, 2008
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