A low end package store in located in East Hartford, Connecticut, just across the Glastonbury town line.
Known for selling alcohol past the expiration date.

Then again, the Dubra and Natural Ice is always fresh, and thats really all that matters.
On any given day, there is about $375 worth of alcohol in G-Bury bought from, The Easty.
Jeb- "Bro im making an Easty run, u need anything?"
Jive-"Dude, you know me, get me a sixer of Natty Ice."
by A bro gettin toe up July 27, 2009
Top Definition
adj. extremely hood in personality and mannerisms, like a person from the eastern half of South Los Angeles, hence "easty"

Them n*ggas are EASTY! Still wearin' corduroy house shoes and pom-pom socks!
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
Anyone who lives East of your proximity, most notably everyone. Technically everyone is to the East of you if you travel far enough.
"Fuck you man!"
"Hey! Fuck you easty!"
"What did you call me?"
"You heard me, easty!"
"I'm from the North West, you moron!"
"It's still East of Japan, motherfucker!"
by Gidgetsflow.com May 04, 2010
Acting ghetto with an east coast vibe.
"Babs" from, the artist formerly know as Puff Daddy (...Puffy...P
Diddy...Sean Puffy Combs...)original Making of the Band.
by TKM August 29, 2005
A northern slang term for the soap opera, Eastenders.
Woman1:Did you watch Easties last night?
Woman2:Nah, I was watching Corrie.
by Liverpool_Massive January 13, 2007
Your friends on the East Coast.

"Now that I've moved to the Midwest, I miss my easties in NYC."
by katwils April 28, 2009
Slang for shopping centre Eastgardens, found in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
Kirsten :"I'm going to Easties tomorrow with "
Carrie: "Can I come?"
by Alliexox August 01, 2011
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