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East Rockaway is a small town in Nassau County on Long Island with a population of a little over 10,000. Little known fact; it used to be called Near Rockaway. Basically it is filled with fake Gangstas that move here from the Bronx, Brooklyn, and neighboring Queens. It's the smallest school district on Long Island, if you want Ghetto, go to Far Rockaway. E Rock be reppin' the 516! Ya heard it here first...
Lee: Hey man, livin' in New York have you ever been shot?

Jesus: Nah bro, I live in East Rockaway, it's not ghetto at all...

Lee: Oh really?

Jesus: Word.
by Jesu Christo November 23, 2007
East Rockaway Fun Facts
A small town with nothing to do except get high or wasted. Home to many crack heads. The town is filled with want to be gangsters and guidos. EVERY one is a crack head. Every one acts like they live in the ghetto but they r really spoiled or just pussies. You can buy any kind of drug on any corner. But I recommend throwin down fives for Ebombs. watch out for the notorius crank squad.
Tom: wanna go get sauced and tossed

Jerry: Nah son i got fives on some Ebombs

Tom: shut up pussy u live in East Rockaway and ur white

Jerry: u wanna scrap pussy
by jarred crenshaw May 31, 2010
a) drug capital of the world

b) home of a dangerous crack fiend name Farell, beware of this man

Sean: want to go to east rockaway and score some drugs?
Matt: Sure, ill keep my eyes peeled for crackfiend farell!

by susan123 November 16, 2007
1.) n. The little town bordering Lynbrook that no one has ever heard of. It's a square mile big and is populated with about 10,000 people. In which all can kick oceanside pussies' asses.

2.) n. The definition of drugs. Everyone does them. No one hates them.
1.) Boy: yo did you hear about the fight between erock and oside?

Girl: Not gonna be much of a fight. Erock kicks ass.

2.) Dude, i just went to East Rockaway, and man do they know how to party!
by MR. ILL April 06, 2011

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