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An adjective describing persons or things relating to any or all of the following: vegetarianism; herbs; all-natural and organic products (such as food, skin and hair care products, etc.); recycling; protecting and preserving the environment; natural medicine; etc. People that are earthy-crunchy are sometimes called tree-huggers or hippies.
She loves to go to the health food store, where she buys all that earthy-crunchy stuff.

With that jewelry made of hemp and beads, I bet she's earthy-crunchy.
by Emmarini April 17, 2004
You are so earthy-crunchy, you make cliff bars look like a slim jim.
#tree-hugger #granola #hippie #vegan #naturalist #organic #burning man
by nudist101 October 16, 2009
Another term for a hippie.
"she's such a hippie" "Yeah, I guess she's kinda earthy-crunchy"
#hippie #organic #tree-hugger #flower child #free-lover #spreading peace
by givingbackpeace April 22, 2009
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