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The intensely pleasurable act associated with cleaning one's ear with a cotton bud or relieving an itch with your finger or similarly shaped object.
Man: (moan)
Woman: Honey, you've been in the bathroom for 20 minutes now; is everything ok?
Man: Yeah, babe, I'm just enjoying a bit of earsturbation... I'll be out as soon as I finish the other ear! (moan)
Woman: Hey, pass me a Q-tip and I'll join you!
Man and Woman: (moan)
by mfort November 30, 2009
The act of fingering your ear in such a fast manner that it will produce an eargasm so intense, your eardrum will explode. Side effects include a white noise type of porno sound in the fappear's head, but only for a limited amount of time.
I caught my son fingering his ear last night.. I didn't know earsturbation was even possible at his age.
by dirtysquirtle September 29, 2014
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