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Money already spent that you dont have YET.

I'll gladly earmark you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Working to get your retirement earmarks your pay when your 65... Maybe they will have your money to pay you back.
by goaceco March 06, 2009
Euphemism for "bribe"

A viral mechanism for getting political whores to vote for bad policy, which they would have wisely rejected, by making it even worse.

Generally, a corrupting policy of political enticements to manipulate the legislature into self-serving, palm-greasing, government expansion and treasury looting.
Wow, Ted! Did you see that stupid bill they are trying to pass? No way I'm gonna vote for that thing. It could destroy us. Unless, of course, I can get some serious pork of my own in there. An earmark or two. Then, who cares!! Free money!!!

There are over 8,000 earmarks in the "Stimulus" Bill.
by PhillySteve April 22, 2009

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