Earlee is a sexiest vampire/being ever created. A child of God, a real poweful yet stubburing warrior. Earlee is good when it comes to helping stressful and depress people, has a heart of Gold. But Earlee also can be a ass hole sometimes, and thats when blood shed.

Earlee also sometime hide the feelings from people to see, rather it be, sad, mad or depressed...etc

Earlee is the is the best thing that can happen to people life.
Earlee- Sexy Vampire Savior

Earlee- Friendly Psychologist

Earlee- Loveable, Loyal, bashful, attractive

Earlee- Ass hole
by Vampire Savior July 05, 2004
Top Definition
Noun: The murderer of the English language
God I hate earlee.
by ghj muk July 08, 2003
Someone who can post over 13,000 messages, yet say nothing.

The DQS.
"Darius is a disciple of Earlee."
by Jeffdoug February 22, 2004
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