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a very delicious tea, made from black tea leaves and oil of bergamot
deron kicked back with a cup of earl grey to unwind
by disengage027 April 13, 2007
1) A travelling magician that invented tea.

He travelled to a small indigenous village where the people smoked the leaves from a local tree.

Earl Grey turned up at the village on a rainbow stallion and showed the people his magical skills.
He also showed them that it was better to add the leaves they smoked to hot water to create a relaxing warm beverage.

This was the first time tea was consumed by a person.

2) A tea with a distinctive flavour that is named after it's creator, Earl Grey the magician.

1) "Thank you for making this tea for us Earl Grey, you magical being"

2) "Earl Grey is a delightful beverage"
by CowboyWizard August 23, 2011
When a senior (or any man with grey pubic hair) gives another person a teabag.
Old man Buck gave Christina an Earl Grey.
by Motavator September 20, 2008
"earl grey" (verb):
lounge, while dressed in sweats/pyjamas/dancewear/costumes, drinking earl grey tea in a warm, comfortable environment
I am too tired to go out, can't we just have an earl grey night.

I had an earl grey day.

This dinner sucks, we should have just earl greyed
by SejRitzMon January 09, 2011
Teabagging for the over-50s
"How about a lovely bit of Earl Grey as a retirement gift, Martha?"
by TheAtomicPunk January 09, 2015
When a male puts his testicles up a females (or another males) anus, the receiving female (or male) then proceeds to squeeze out said testicles, as if having a poo.
Pleasureable for both parties involved.
Like Tea Bagging, but anal...
your nuts smell youve had an Earl Grey
by Lee-Bee June 06, 2011
To have sex with a British woman.
Dexter was bored of Rita, and had to get him some Earl Grey
by QuarantineV1 March 10, 2011
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