A portion of music so amazing it gives the listener an eargasm.
Wow that solo gave was eargasmic!
by dls November 15, 2004
Music that is so unbelievably amazing to listen to.
Dude! Did you hear that new album? Yeah! It was eargasmic!
by whoa_its_soph March 11, 2011
an orgasm to the ears
Bro1: "Dude did you just hear Just the way you are?"
Bro2: "Brooo that song is tight. His voice is eargasmic"
by studbrownie69 November 02, 2010
When something sounds so good tiny little sex organs in your ear canal come
Whoah man! Have you heard Skrillex's new song? It is Eargasmic!
by bilbobagginthebitches January 19, 2013

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