A bump of E or Molly. Specifically from cutting off the ears of Transformer shaped E pills and snorting them.
Hey we got these pills, you want a ear(bump)?
by GDTRFD March 31, 2009
Top Definition
the thing you hear wiht
DUDE! dont shout in my ear
by Lindsay not Lohan May 10, 2005
An organ used by humans to estimate the stupidity of other humans
N/A ears
by SuperGabe February 04, 2009
The organs that detect sound, placed somewhat symmetrically on opposite sides of the head for humans.
You seriously don't know what an ear is. You must be joking.
by CrosswordPuzzle October 28, 2011
Cockney pronunciation of "here", as popularised by the British sitcom, Eastenders, indicating the speaker's desire for his audience's attention.

Also, the East End's (of London) favourite Spanish verb (ir - to go).
ear, mickey, get an earful of this

ear, you want to watch where you're going mate
by DJ Syko May 30, 2005
Ears is a unit of time measurement. An ear is approximatly the time it takes to stop tripping balls due to dehydration.
Even though it was only a few minutes it felt like an ear because I was so fucked up!
by lik0mgpie May 26, 2009
Eagerly Awaiting Response
At the end of an email, a posting or a message you may write


for long:

(Eagerly Awaiting Response) & (Thanks In Advance)
by AJ Cunning April 20, 2010
A derivative of the word "here." This sound is most commonly made by individuals smoking marijuana, when passing a joint.
ear...take a hit.
ear...its your turn.
by kpd May 02, 2006

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