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when uffy's use vulgar language in front of mini uffy's they shout, "ear muffies!" and the mini uffy's put their hands on top of their ears. this prevents the mini uffy's from mimicking vulgarities at holiday meals, easter egg hunts, or in houses of worship.
fluffy- "so i told that fucking arse to shut up or put up."
"oh, whoops." "i forgot ur little uffy's were
in the room."

muffy- "next time just say, "ear muffies!"

buffy- "yeah, now you can toatally skank it up you"...
by robyn cason January 21, 2008
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when you are in the throws of passion with an uffy.
the uffy wraps her legs around your ears in sheer
dee-lite! 'cause groove is in the heart! the uffy will reply with satisfaction by saying, "tanks you gay!"
buffy- "hey muffy, did you see your neighbor L/nite?"
muffy- "yes, it was golf nite so i gave him ear muffy's."
fluffy- "dang, you're flexible."
by robyn cason January 24, 2008

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