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a "hand shake" given to a male by an uffy. the "hand shake" takes place in the male nether region. it is given when an uffy wants to determine if the male is suitable or large enough for bedding.
uffy hand shake originated when muffy, buffy, and fluffy noticed that a man can see if a woman has large breasts. and the man can decide if he wants to go out with her. but a female has no way of knowing if a man has a big one or not. hence the need for an uffy hand shake.
"fluffy, did you give gary the uffy hand shake before you had sex?", asked muffy.

"yes, and he had a prince albert too!"

duffy was so sad and bummed out that biff had a small wanker.

"hey duffy, you should have given him the uffy hand shake."
by robyn cason January 14, 2008
a cute pink permission slip for a free spanling.
spanlings may not be given or recieved if uffyanda has not filled out the slip.
muffy- "buffy and fluffy, you will each recieve one free spanling." "see uffyanda for a spanling slip."

buffy- "yeah."
by robyn cason January 18, 2008
the cousin of "no duh." second cousin to "no shit."
fluffy- "christine, don't forget to call me back."
christine- "i will, no doikey."
by robyn cason January 18, 2008
front tramp stamp. above or on ur hoo-ha!
it wasn't enough for uffy marie to have a tramp stamp.
she just got a framp stamp too!

fluffy- "dang, ur hoo-ha gots ink."
uffy marie- "yeah, good times."
by robyn cason January 25, 2008
lezpriss is the best friend to the lezboss and the lezbish. just as cute, waaaaaaaaaay more prissy.
muffy- "buffy isn't the lezbish, she is the lezpriss."

fluffy- "that's hott!"
by robyn cason January 18, 2008
an uffy text message.
buffy- "i am sending muffy and fluffy a textmex to bring my panties back."
by robyn cason January 18, 2008
to promise or insinuate that you will go "down town."
to fake down town you can reap many rewards such as:

having someone put together your t.v. stand.
hang your curtains.
bail your drunk ass out of jail.
fluffy said that if capitao puts her on his top friends on myspace, she will so go fake down town on him.

muffy- that's fake hott.
by robyn cason January 18, 2008

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