When you do something while listening to a song, and for ages afterwards whenever you listen to the song, you remember that thing you did while listening to it.
omg this song reminds me of when we were chillin in North Park and it was on the radio at that thrift store. Remember how Kenny got diarrhea in Vintage Religion?

No! how do you remember that?

oh it's an ear memory.

by sweetness-and-light May 01, 2007
Top Definition
An ear memory is a particular feeling you get from a song coming from a time when you were listening to a song while doing something. Also, as soon as the song is over, you lose connection to the feeling. After you've heard the song a few times, the feeling usually grows less strong or goes away completely.

see ear synch
Whenever I listen to Whole World by Outkast I have an ear memory, and it makes me sad because it reminds me of the time my friend Tasia was taken into foster care.

Khiara told me about how she was in east Compton listening to Bad Touch, and when I listened to it I imagined what she felt while she was listening to it in east compton.
by Angelacia May 01, 2007
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