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1. To lose hope or give up prematurely.
2. To defecate in a hurry.

MMORPG slang based on the shaman Eagereth's catch phrase "Let's just wipe now and save time"
I'm not going to eag now, he's down to 22%.
I have to go eag ... brb
by Sunna October 27, 2006
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Slang describing things that are old, faded, past-thier-time, well-used, etc.
"Old as Eag.", "Hella Eag."
by Middlemoor June 02, 2006
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to be a beast, a dominant force in the human race and in all aspects of life, to be incredible.

Antonyms: Tha Suz, non-eags, g-men fans.
by The Truest Eag June 29, 2011
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