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Person who in an attempt to get online props, whores themselves out at every given opportunity.
she's always gagging for attention and is a total eSlut in an attempt to get it
by mvernon January 28, 2009
2 2
A girl who hits on, cybers with, and acts generally sexually needy with differnet person on the internet. The girl may not be a slut in real life, becuase of multiple reasons, one being her incredable ugliness.
XSnowBAbE09X is an e-slut, she goes into AIM chatrooms and tries to cyber with others.
by Turtle January 15, 2004
56 14
software engineers for hire who will do any work for money in depressed economic circumstances... eg western world.
hey - we need this application finished, like, yesterday - call those esluts to get it done, eh?
by uts May 06, 2004
10 3
sluts on the internet
Cat and tom has pictures of their boobs on the internet and has internet sex so their E-Sluts.
by Aliciaobrien June 24, 2006
9 6
Carrying on random sexual conversations with random strangers via the internet.
Me: Damn bb, that's hot.
Stranger: Oh yea? What would you do to me if you were here right now?
Me: Oh you know *blushes*
Stranger: What's wrong hun?
Me: I don't wanna come across to you as an e-slut or nothing.
by Homosecks January 28, 2011
1 0
A girl who Edates a new guy everyweek or flirts with every guy they know. They can also be fake.
OMG she's dating a new guy, what an Eslut!
by CutiewifaBooty November 14, 2011
1 1
Real, lonely women who play Massive Multiplayer Online games, who flirt, tease, cyber with as many males as possible in order to gain items, materials, currency, or even attention. Sometimes uses pictures to aid in these ventures, but are either fake or don't show how large thier ass really is. These women normally are online 20 hours of the day, talk about thier great sexual experiences, but never log out long enough to actually be in one. Usually have phallic toys in their drawers and use lube normally reserved for vehicles with over 200,000 miles. Generally, they try to be the girlfriend of the guildmaster.
When using Ventrilo or Teamspeak, generally have a "whining" voice and/or randomly mention thier female breast to gain your attention and loosen your grip on whatever items, materials, currency, or even attention you currently have that they want.
When they feel you are no longer of any use to them, they generally start to ignore you and start working on new guild/player association recruits or whoever is next on thier list. Further contact with them will generally result in harrassment charges against you and try to get you removed from the guild or PA.

**Note: Not to be confused with men who pretend to be women in order to obtain the same objectives. Men who do this are normally referred to as jerks.
This girl in my WoW guild tries to act all innocent in general, but once you help her with something, she will start flirting with you and then ask for your help more often. During raids, she will send you whispers of naughty things and randomly tell you how great her tits are. Sometimes she will describe them and and ask if you are arroused. Once you are hooked, she will make you follow her around, do her bidding, give her things she wants and offer cyber in return. She will tell you all of her personal sexual fantasies and offer to include you in them. When the GM had something she wanted, she threatened to break up with him unless he got her one as well. She whines in vent constantly and when she wants someone to do something, she will respond with comments like "You should include me as well cause I have tits. Not fake man tits, but real female tits. Send me an invite!"
Anytime you say any word that ends in the letters "-ism", she will send you whispers about how bad she wants your jism.
Once she got tired with a guy, she would tell the next guy that the old one was stalking her or was harrassing her with dirty whispers or obscene language.
If she was like this in the physical world, she would be a slut, but since she only does this online and never leaves her house, the term "eslut" is perfect to describe these actions.
by JediMarcus January 04, 2007
8 9