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An person who will sell anything on eBay just to make a small amount of money and impress his online warrior friends with his high feedback!!!
Person 1: I might go into that charity shop, buy everything and sell it on ebay.

Person 2: Why in the hell would you wanna do that?

Person 1: Its all about the FEEDBACK!!!! I love eBay!!!

Person 2: Your so sad!! Stupid eBay Warrior
by corpie16 October 18, 2010
A guy that will buy anything to sell on ebay, unprofessionally. Just to justify his possession mean something to someone in the world.

Thinking of the feed back and hoping for slivers of potential profits wake these souls up in the morning. Will also get panicy if not able to log onto ebay at regular intervals to up dated on any changes.
Dude 1: what you doing today?

Dude 2: buying and selling on ebay, i found this gold plated xbox that....

Dude 1: your such an ebay warrior!!!
by jameshaley October 21, 2010
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