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To procrastinate on a task or assignment, often on the day it is due.
I didn't know the bio lab was due today, so I just ewanged it in class.
by Ewang April 14, 2014
1. Your e-penis
2. How confident you are online.
3. How much clout you wield (online).
"Yep I got in, I've got a big e-wang."
by Verdafolio January 15, 2005
(noun) a nickname for a person who names himself as "Swaggy", which is the exact opposite of what they are. They think they have the entire school at their fingertips while in reality most people have given up on trying to tell them the reality because they often deny the real truth. Because they are so egoistic, they think they can do anything (including stealing people's stuff) and "conversing" with their friends. When faced with a challenge they have no chance at (since they are unsuccessful at practically everything), they come up with an excuse (such as being challenged to a 1v1 and pretending the game crashed when they are about to lose) and distract the person with random stuff that makes no sense such as repeatedly playing Fetty Wap's Trap Queen. In essence, they are self-centered, pretentious, drama queens.
When EWang was about to lose his Pokemon game, he closed the game and made a big fuss about how his new computer was terrible and needed to be fixed.
by gamer285123 May 10, 2016
a persons digital penis size
often refering to storage or processor speed
"i have a bigger ewang then you"
by BeStRaFe October 05, 2005
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