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Cyber world equivalent of poontang.
* Boltar has joined the room #xNAx.
* Star humps Boltar
<aml> Hey bolty!
* aml huggles boltar
* nyaa|afk humps boltar
* Audra purrrrs
* kat hugglehumpfluffs boltar
<earl> boltar gets more e-tang than anyone I know.
by thoughtstipated June 14, 2008
A term referring to a girl with a donk. This girl is typically very skilled at backing it up and dumping it as well as "making it clap". They are also typically the proud owner of a wide landing strip.
"Wow! That is one fine piece of Etang."
by slimjady April 16, 2011
It is the type electronic tang that gamers get because they don't ever leave the game.

Jake: Hey Mike jew get that etang last night.
Mike: Hell yea! I had sex with "jarh3ad" It was really hot!
Jake: "jarh3ad" is a dude
Mike: Shit
by Skeetstain August 17, 2008
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