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Cyber world equivalent of poontang.
* Boltar has joined the room #xNAx.
* Star humps Boltar
<aml> Hey bolty!
* aml huggles boltar
* nyaa|afk humps boltar
* Audra purrrrs
* kat hugglehumpfluffs boltar
<earl> boltar gets more e-tang than anyone I know.
by thoughtstipated June 14, 2008
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A term referring to a girl with a donk. This girl is typically very skilled at backing it up and dumping it as well as "making it clap". They are also typically the proud owner of a wide landing strip.
"Wow! That is one fine piece of Etang."
by slimjady April 16, 2011
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It is the type electronic tang that gamers get because they don't ever leave the game.

Jake: Hey Mike jew get that etang last night.
Mike: Hell yea! I had sex with "jarh3ad" It was really hot!
Jake: "jarh3ad" is a dude
Mike: Shit
by Skeetstain August 17, 2008
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