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Can also mean: when a person removes their pants and underwear and climbs over a sleeping person so that their asshole is approximately 3 inches away from the sleeping person's face. The person performing the act punches the sleeping person in the stomach as hard as possible to wake them up. In theory, the sudden shock of being woken by the punch will cause the sleeper's head to come up and forward, thrusting their nose into the other's ass.

See also: brown-nose, Sanchez's wakeup call
We woke up John with a Mexican alarm clock this morning, he says he can't get the smell of shit out of his nose.
#poop #disgusting #prank #wake up #mexican
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
Originally a nickname given to Eminem by ICP, however it can be used to describe someone who's never had anal sex, therefore leaving their anus slim.
You hear me rippin those fart out? It's cause I got a slim anus.
#slim #anus #anal virgin #slimanus #tight
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
Cyber world equivalent of poontang.
* Boltar has joined the room #xNAx.
* Star humps Boltar
<aml> Hey bolty!
* aml huggles boltar
* nyaa|afk humps boltar
* Audra purrrrs
* kat hugglehumpfluffs boltar
<earl> boltar gets more e-tang than anyone I know.
#poon #poontang #punani #e-tang #irc
by thoughtstipated June 14, 2008
A Toronto suburb known as Brampton, noted for it's +60% population of middle eastern immigrants. This city is one of the reasons some American's refer to Canada as Canukistan.
"Look at all these convenience stores! Are we in Bramladesh?"
#bramladash #canuckistan #brampton #paki #rag top
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
To define a large pile of unwashed laundry so smelly it might just start walking away, consuming small animals or children.
I think it's time to do my laundry before the laundrymonster eats my dog.
#laundry monster #laundromonster #clothes #pile #stinky #raunchy
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
To have a mental blockage, a thought on the tip of your tongue you can't seem to spit out. A synonym of brainfart.
I just smoked an 1/8 of weed to myself, now I'm all thoughtstipated.
#thoughtstipated #thoughtstipation #brainfart #brain fart #mental block
by Thoughtstipated November 15, 2006
A term used to describe a woman (or girl) who mothers children for the sole purpose of collecting a larger piece of welfare-system pie.
"Mel's pregnant again!? That's her 4th kid and she's only 23 years old! I don't think one of them kids got the same daddy."
"Yeah, she's a baby collector. I bet her pussy's like a wizard's sleeve!"
#baby #collector. welfare #slut #ho #tramp
by Thoughtstipated November 22, 2006
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