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1.) to back up your car and crash it into another

2.) riding recklessly (typically in a nice car such as an Audi BMW)
"yo man I heard you were grounded, what happened?"

-"yeah sorry bout that, i e-rossed my car and my parnts are pissed!"
by BIG CITY C November 01, 2007
1) The act of penetrating a taco with your goods until ejaculation is reached.

2) A newly created dance resembling a hunchback on the turn tables.

3) The act of yelling "WOOOOOO!" repeatedly.
1) Oh snap, that taco looks oh so sexy. E-Ross Time.

2) Come on everybody, Do the E-Ross.

3) Man 1: " Whats goin on playa playa?"

Man 2: " What, all i can hear is that short puerto rican backstreet boy E-Rossing."
by kian fuertes :) May 15, 2011

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