What you try to get into during an online edate with the opposite sex. Much like the real pants one would be trying to get into during a date in the outside world.

During an edate you're trying to round the e-bases to get into their e-pants.
Dan, I was chatting with Jenny and I totaly got into her e-pants...I got her off big time.

Bob, I heard that you were on an edate with Liz. So, did you get into her e-pants?
by C-pher January 31, 2007
Top Definition
The modern term for pants, slacks, or trousers with an elastic waistband. Typically refers to pants intended to be worn in a professional setting (i.e., not jeans, sweatpants or yoga pants).
Since I'm losing weight, I've transitioned to e-pants, which provide flexibility and comfort while still looking professional.
by happythings July 02, 2014
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