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Two people of either sex become so infatuated with each other over the internet that they forget that a real world exists around them outside of the fiberoptics.
e-love in action
00:00 <crabkakez> baby
23:52 <crabkakez> come on sweety
23:48 <crabkakez> sweety
23:48 <crabkakez> we see u
23:48 <ma`> k baby
by Dat Nooka November 09, 2005
Electronic love. The email equivalent of a love letter. This can be just text or anything sent electronically such as pictures or ecards expressing love.
An email saying "I love you baby"
by Matt Duffy January 19, 2004
when one develops an infatuatuion with another person whom they know via internet, but have never met in real life.
I have totally been in elove with Tila Tequila ever since I saw her myspace.


I have never met Randy, but his myspace pictures are so cute and our AIM conversations are totally perfect. I think I'm in elove.
by Hillary Gleeb and Miranda Scob October 28, 2008
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