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Someone who flirts outrageously on message boards, often with weather girls.
They say that TheyCallHimELBeano is the biggest e-flirt this board has ever seen.
by ForsythAl July 21, 2008
19 6
To flirt electronically, via virtual communications such as text or internet.
She blushed imperceptibly when she realized that he had crossed the threshold into eflirtation.
by Benji1968 April 10, 2007
3 1
flirting over the internet, either on AIM, through Myspace, or Facebook. Some are in a league of their own in terms of e-flirtation. It can easily substitute meeting people in real life. Set up everything before, just execute in real life. perfected by orindians.
girlsomint: hi im a girl!
brruh: hi lets date!
girlsomint: you are such an e-flirt! but im down. 2 hrs. library parking lot. l8
by Zakary Kent Dychtwald February 08, 2007
6 11