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an email sent to a large group of people that on the surface seems altruistic, but upon closer reflection, belies the sender's self-love; i.e. essentially ejaculating onto the faces of his intended readers
Q: did you see DJAlibi's latest e-facial about matching our donations to XX charity?
A: Yes, and my eye still stings and I think some of it got in my hair.
by cattyobitchowitz February 11, 2010
When a guy masturbates while on skype with a female and cums on the image of her face to simulate a real life facial. Very popular for long distance relationships and in Frankfurt, Germany.
Mary: How are you and Bryan doing?
Sallie: We're better than ever! He's been giving me E-facials over skype and it's really saved our relationship!
by Claire Loves E-facials. November 17, 2010
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