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To break up with your significant other via email rather than have the courage to do it face to face.
Yeah I'll email her right now with the e-dump.
by Sophie Chambers October 21, 2010
To ditch someone via e-mail, im or text message. Usually practiced because the e-dumper does not have the balls to tell the e-dumpee to his/her face that he/she is dumped.
"I was chatting with this chick I met on the internet for a couple weeks, then she e-dumped me for someone she met in real life."
by Trishizzle July 07, 2005
a huge massive dump taken by e-dub
damn that e-dump stinks
by glagos April 05, 2007
Function: Verb
Inflected Forms: eDumped, eDumpping
(1) To end a relationship electronically
(2) To breakup with someone electronically
eDump may also refer to being defriended
Ahhh, I think my Craigslist girlfriend just eDumped me.
by Mona Nichols December 15, 2009
To block a person from contacting you electronically. (eg block emails, IM, texts, etc.)
That psycho just wouldn't leave me alone; so I edumped him/her.
by Marshal August 15, 2007