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To ditch someone via e-mail, im or text message. Usually practiced because the e-dumper does not have the balls to tell the e-dumpee to his/her face that he/she is dumped.
"I was chatting with this chick I met on the internet for a couple weeks, then she e-dumped me for someone she met in real life."
by Trishizzle July 07, 2005
To break up with your significant other via email rather than have the courage to do it face to face.
Yeah I'll email her right now with the e-dump.
by Sophie Chambers October 21, 2010
Function: Verb
Inflected Forms: eDumped, eDumpping
(1) To end a relationship electronically
(2) To breakup with someone electronically
eDump may also refer to being defriended
Ahhh, I think my Craigslist girlfriend just eDumped me.
by Mona Nichols December 15, 2009
To block a person from contacting you electronically. (eg block emails, IM, texts, etc.)
That psycho just wouldn't leave me alone; so I edumped him/her.
by Marshal August 15, 2007
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