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This is a variation of the dap that can be used when you would like to give a physical dap, such as to congratulate your friend on something great they did or are doing, but you are communicating in a manner that makes a physical dap unfeasible, usually electronic, e.g. email, chat, or sms. (See dap.)
I can't believe you are staying on track with your salad for lunch plan. I am gonna grab a burger, e-dap.
by vitaminjeff February 09, 2012
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Explosive Dreaded Ass Pissing (EDAP)

An uncontrollable expulsion of aqueous fecal matter. Usually it is of inexplicable origin.
Mike: Hey, did you see last night's episode of Walking Dead.

Dave: OMG, i am going to have EDAP. <leaves rapidly>

Mike: Oh man, that sucks.
by spudlikker February 12, 2012
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